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Pachelbel Canon Chime


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Recalls the soft melody of Johann Pachelbel's celebrated Canon in D.Your wind chime is tuned to the beloved sounds of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D.

A prolific composer and an accomplished organist, Pachelbel wrote for the organ, harpsichord and voice - his Canon in D is one of his few chamber works known today. With its graceful melody and stately tempo, it is a popular choice as a wedding processional, for within its measures we hear the sounds of hope, joy, love and promise.

The clever design incorporates 4 small rods that harmonise beautifully with the 6 chime tubes. This wind chime is the perfect gift for virtually any occasion.

Black finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminium tubes and 4 black aluminium rods. L81cm 0.5Kg

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