Black Buffalo Leather Jewellery Box, Length 27cm

Black Buffalo Leather Jewellery Box, Length 27cm


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A modest-sized, Black genuine Buffalo Leather Jewellery Box with hard leather skinned exterior and a push-button lock to keep your jewellery safe and secure with style. It has a fine texture of Black throughout the product. Full-sized internal mirror.

Store your jewellery in style with one of our Kundra Genuine Buffalo Leather jewellery boxes which are hand crafted in India to the highest quality using traditional techniques of hand stitching, hand painting and hand dyeing. 

Each model is cleverly designed and has its own features such as multiple drawers, compartments, mirrors and/or cushioning.  Choose the style and size to suit your needs.

We acknowledge that the use of animal products is not for everyone.  However the animal products used are by-products of the food industry and all our products meet or exceed strict Australian Government import standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Dimensions 27cm x 17cm x 7cm Weight 3kg     Model 1526BL