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Chicago Blues Chime


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Tuned to the notes of Chicago's boogie-woogie blues walking bass line.

A fun chime to own and give, especially to jazz and blues fans - or Chicago-ites!

This wind chime is tuned to the musical note pattern first made famous by blues artists in the 1920s. The boogie-woogie style, heard in the five notes of our Chicago Blues Chime, is the most enduring element of the blues and has influenced such diverse performers as Tommy Dorsey, Muddy Waters and countless jazz and rock musicians. Singin' the blues is usually about a heartfelt expression of one's troubles with the aim of feeling better. Whether you sing along with our Woodstock Chicago Blues Chime or let it sing for you, this heartwarming windchime will get you outta the blues.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Cherry finish ash wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes. L 64cm 0.7Kg

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