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Turquoise Chime - Medium


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This is a larger version of our best selling Turquoise Chime. The enchanting sound of this wind chime is the result of a special tuning using the "golden ratio." This ratio, discovered by the ancient Greeks, can be found throughout nature. Turquoise gets its beautiful blue-green colour from copper and aluminium. It is a process that takes tens of millions of years. In many Native American languages, the translation for the word turquoise is "sky-stone." The colour turquoise contains the growth quality of green and the communication quality of blue. Inspired by the rich beauty of this attractive union, we blended colourful beads with a faux turquoise wind catcher to create our beautiful Turquoise Chimes.

Cherry finish ash wood, 4 square bronze aluminium tubes, faux turquoise accents. L66cm

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