Jewelleryboxes.com.au are a wholly owned Australian company, part of the Marketing Metrics group, that specialise in high quality jewellery boxes and watch boxes with an elegant and minimalist design to retailers around Australia for many years. Our quality range offer beautiful designs paired with functional storage solutions.

Our team at jewelleryboxes.com.au pride themselves on ensuring the highest quality product and service and are dedicated to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases.

Phone Australia:  0416 244 646      marketingmetricsaustralia@gmail.com

Our Jewellery Boxes

Our Jewellery Boxes are some of the finest crafted in the world with features including:

  • Nine coats of lacquer with Piano Finish, except where specified, in wooden models
  • Varying wood finishes in wooden models on a solid timber frame
  • Cantilever hinges, covered hinges and piano hinges, in polished brass and nickel, feet and fittings
  • Bevelled glass in some models and internal mirrors
  • Timber inserts on the top of compartment dividers in wooden models
  • Range of locks and fasteners and high quality velour
  • High quality Royal Blue drop-fronted gift presentation boxes in high-end models, where detailed 

Our range now includes luxurious matt-finished off white composite wood models and a high quality polyurethane range.

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